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This image was published in Views in Edinburgh and its vicinity. The images show remains of antiquity, public buildings and picturesque scenery.   The images were drawn and engraved by J. & H.S. Storer and the book was published in 1820. 

Governor's House, Edinburgh Castle, J. and H.S. Storer - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1210
  • Image Number: 1210
    Artist: J. and H.S. Storer

    Engraver: J. and H.S. Storer

    Title: Governor's House, Edinburgh Castle

    Medium: Copper engraving on paper
    Date: 1819

    Publisher: J. and H.S. Storer, Chapel Street, Pentonville

    Price: £40

    Size: 240 x281

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