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This Norman font is beautifully carved with four scenes from the Bible. Three of the scenes have been identified as 'the Last Supper', 'Christ's baptism', and scenes from the Life of Nicholas of Myra (patron saint of the church). The fourth panel has not been identified with certainty.  


How the font got there is not clear as it is much older than the church. It may have come from an earlier Brighton church mentioned in the Domesday book of which there is no trace but the quality of its workmanship makes this debatable. The rich and powerful Clunaic Priory at Lewes held the right to appoint the priest of the church (known as advowson) and it may be possible that the font was carved by stonemasons working on the Priory.  Today the font is now situated at the west end of the nave.

The font, St Nicholas Church, Brighton - Framed Antique Print

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    Title: The Font, St Nicholas Church




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