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About trAcery Prints & Framing

What we do
We are an online business selling old prints.  Most of our prints are antique, many from the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries. The majority of our prints come to us unmounted and unframed and so we frame and mount them ready to hang. The exception is where frames and mounts are original, or an integral part of the print's value, in which case we keep them whilst ensuring, as far as possible, that the print is protected from the harmful effects of aged wood and paper. 



How we work 

Our prints are old and we like them that way. What that means in practice is that we don't restore old prints to look like new. Whilst we might remove surface dust and repair minor tears, our emphasis is on celebrating the age of the print and at the same time conserving it for the future by using conservation materials and framing techniques whenever possible. Our frames are predominantly FSC certified.  



Navigating the Site 

Explore our collections by clicking here or on the Galleries tab above. Once in your chosen gallery double click on any image for further details and other images of your chosen print. Information about subject matter, the artist or engraver are included under the description heading when available. More about Printing Techniques or our framing standards and materials  can be found by clicking  on the relevant tabs on the horizontal bar above.

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