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The following text was published with the image: 

"Dress of blue tulle: the corsage round, and moderately high; full in the back and front, and confined round the bosom with a band of satin folds and tulle: beneath is a wreath composed of floss silk, satin and blond. Short full sleeve of tule, set in a corded band, and ornamented with floss silk leaves of the mountain ash, and triangular trimmings of satin edged with narrow blond: satin band with corded edges round the waist: the bow behind formed of small pointed leaves, corded and edged with blond. A wadded satin hem at the bottom of the skirt, which is made long, and indicates an inclination of resuming the train, which gives grace and elegance to the figure, and is particularly appropriate to full dress, except for the ballroom. Above the hem is an ornamented wave of floss silk, satin, and tulle, from which a branch or scroll arises, supporting three circular fancy flowers. Brussels lace scarf. The hair is dressed à la Grecque, but ornamented with Milanese pins of gold, with heads of imitative turquoise: on each side is a ball of the same, and a second pending from the left. Necklace and ear-rings of turquoise, set in embossed gold, and fastened by cameo snaps. White kid gloves, trimmed and tied at the elbow. Ivory fan, and white satin shoes."


The Repository of Arts was an illustrated periodical which focused on art, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics. It was published by Rudolph Ackermann from 1809-1828. The Repository influenced fashion, architecture and literature during the Regency and late Georgian period. It included plates showing paintings, furniture and objects as well as two or more anonymous fashion plates such as the one here per number, sometimes with with one or two figures and occasionally a piece of fine furniture. 


Ball Dress, Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Aug 1st 1823. 

Ball Dress - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1109
  • Image Number: 1109
    Title: Ball Dress
    Publisher: Rudolph Ackermann
    Medium: Aquatint

    Framed size (h x w): 304 x 226mm

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