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A sketch at Brighton taken to Lee-ward. 

Inscription: 'Pubd March 10th 1804 by S W Fores 50 Piccadilly / Folios of Caracatures lent out for the Evening'

This print shows Henry Holland's Marine Pavilion on the Steine in Brighton, the building that preceded John Nash's later Royal Pavilion. 


The rider is George Leigh. Colonel George Leigh was an equerry to the Prince of Wales (later Prince Regent, then George IV). The Prince of Wales features can be seen on blue cover of the horse's back. He was a spendthrift and gambler who brought shame on his family when he fiddled his own regimental expenses to fund his gambling, and was dismissed from the Prince's household. 


Here the horse walks instead of standing still as he should.  10 March 1804
Hand-coloured etching

Samuel Fores was an astute and innovative printseller with a good head for business.  He specialised in hand-coloured, singly issued satirical prints or caricatures, and became one of London's leading caricature publishers. His cartoons were often designed by leading caricaturists such as Gillray and Rowlandson. He sold his prints through his shop in Piccadilly, wholesale and was one of the first to hire out folios of caricatures for the evening as this prints was. Fores also offered other services such as frame making and teaching etching, and he kept a large stock of art supplies.

A sketch at Brighton taken to Lee-ward - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1074
  • Image Numbers: 1074
    Title: A sketch at Brighton taken to Lee-ward

    Printer: Charles Williams

    Publisher: S.W. Fores, Piccadilly part of 'Folios of caricatures lent out for the evening'. 
    Medium: Hand-coloured etching
    Date: 1804

    Framed size (h x w): 410 x 366

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