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In the early nineteenth century Yarmouth, like Brighton, became a favoured middle-class resort, and was painted by both Constable and Turner as well as the Norwich School artists, such as Crome and Cotman. 


Nelson landed at this jetty in 1800 after the Battle of the Nile. The following year, in 1801  and the year in which this print was published, Nelson embarked from the jetty to sail with the fleet to the Battle of Copenhagen, and disembarked there after the battle to visit the wounded at the nearby Naval Hospital in Yarmouth.


During the Napoleonic Wars, because some ships were too large to enter the harbour and also because they would be vulnerable to attack, the fleet was frequently assembled in the sheltered waters of Yarmouth Roads.  Officers, men and stores were transported to and from their ships from the jetty.


In 1813 William III landed at the jetty when attempting to raise Dutch troops to oppose Napoleon Bonaparte.

A North-west view of the jetty at Yarmouth, JohnButcher - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1272
  • Image Number: 1272
    Title: A North-west view of the jetty at Yarmouth

    Artist: John Butcher (1736-1803)

    Engraver: Robert Pollard (1755-1838)

    Publisher: J. Butcher, Chapel Street, Yarmouth
    Medium: Aquatint & Etching

    Date: 1801
    Price: £800

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