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This print is a subscription ticket for three prints from the election series. The Royal Crown in the top centre casts its beams on coronets, mitres and other symbols of power. In the bottom centre is a copy of Subscription ticket for three prints from the Election series with the royal crown as a sun casting its rays on coronets, mitres and other symbols of power, as well as on a copy of the Engravers' Copyright Act  passed on 25 June 1735 to give protections to producers of engravings. It was commonly known "Hogarth's Act" as Hogarth was instrumental in instigating the bill. It gave protection to engravers though only those engravings that involved original designs. 


The text celebrates the achievements of the Act and is stamped with Hogarths' seal of artist's brushes and palette. 's Act 1735. Stamped with Hogarth's seal in the form of artist's brushes and a palette.

Crowns, Mitres, Maces, William Hogarth - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1190
  • Image Numbers: 1190
    Title: Crowns, Mitres, Maces

    Artist: William Hogarth

    Engraver: William Hogarth

    Publisher: William Hogarth
    Medium: Etching and engraving

    Date: 1754

    Framed size (h x w): 352 x 306mm

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