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Description: This print is a bird's eye view of Leicester Square. The square is lawned in four sections with an equestrian statue of George I in the centre. Around the lawned area are railings and to the right of the print is a sedan chair and a carriage on the left. 


This print was illustrated in Stow's Survey of 1720. Octagonal railings enclose a lawn divided into four sections and at the centre in the intersection is an equestrian statue  of George I. A sedan chair to right, carriages and walkers animate the scen. 


Inscription: Lettered with title on scroll in sky, and at bottom right "Sutton Nicholls delin et sculp", and below with "Publish'd according to Act of Parliament, 1754 for Stowe's Survey". At bottom right corner "16". 



Leicester Square, Sutton Nicholls - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1073
  • Item Number: 1073
    Title: Leicester Square 
    Artist: Sutton Nicholls
    Engraver: Sutton Nicholls
    Publisher: Sutton Nicholls 
    Medium: Etching with engraving
    Date: Published for Stow's Survey 1754
    Framed size (h x w): 509 x 627mm
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