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1809 Aquatint from ‘Ackermann’s Repository of Arts and Science’, “No.11 of Ackermann’s [R}epository of Arts &c.Pub Novr. 1st 1809 at 101 Strand London".
This is a “Morning Dress” from November 1809 and a charming scene of mother and child.  The following text accompanied it: 


"A high morning robe of fine jaconot, or cambric muslin, buttoned from the throat to the feet; a high fluted collar, edged with lace, and clasped in the center with a topz, or other gem. A Chinese girdle and tassel confines the bottom of the waist, and is tied in front, so as to reach a little below the knee. A loose morning robe, or pelisse, of white muslin, green shawl print, or jubilee sarsnet, trimmed entirely round with a correpondent border. Silver filigree bracelets, with topz studs. A matron mob, or cap of point lace, ornamented with shaded yellow, or lemon-coloured ribbon. Gloves and slippers of lemon-coloured kid. - Infant's robe, of yellow muslin, over a fine soft cambric skirt." 

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts was an illustrated British periodical published from 1809 to 1829 by Rudolph Ackermann. Although commonly called Ackermann’s Repository, or, simply Ackermann’s, the formal title of the journal was Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics, and it did indeed cover all of these fields. In its day, it had great influence on English taste in fashion, architecture, and literature. The last known issue of this new periodical was in September 1829. It is believed that soon thereafter, The Repository of Fashion was merged into La Belle Assemblée 

Antique print, not a later reprint.
Reverse side: Blank

Morning Dress - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1117
  • Image Number: 1117
    Title: Morning Dress
    Publisher: Rudolph Ackermann
    Medium: Aquatint

    Framed size (h x w): 304 x 226mm

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