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Fashion Plate (Mourning Dress), Rudolph Ackermann (England, London, 1764-1834), Vol. 6 Plate 36: December 1811. 


The following text accompanied the image: 

"A round robe of fine iron-grey cloth or velvet, with long sleeves and demi high front, trimmed down the center of the figure, at a measured distance, with chenille fur, and clasped in the center, from the bosom to the feet, with lozenge clasps of jet; the belt confined with the same. Antique scollped ruff of whte crape; cuffs to correspond. Hungarian mantle, with double capes, trimeed with chenille fur, composed of the same material as the robe, and ornamented with rich cord and tassels at the throat. A small Eastern turban of grey and silver tissue; short willow feathers (alternately grey and white) drooping of the left side. Ear-rings and neck-lace of jet. Gloves of grey or white kid. Slipper of black queen silk, with jet clasps. Fan of black crape, frosted with silver. - This dress is furnished us by Mrs. Gill, Cork-street, Burlington Gardens."

Mourning Dress - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1112
  • Image Number: 1112
    Title: Mourning Dress
    Publisher: Rudolph Ackermann
    Medium: Aquatint

    Framed size (h x w): 304 x 226mm

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