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This lithograph depicts the coastline at Brighton east of the Chain Pier. It shows the Royal Crescent, the new County Hospital who published this series of three lithographs of the town, St. George's Chapel and Kemp Town. 




Brighton Panorama - east (3 of 3), C. Derby - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1223
  • Image Numbers: 1223
    Title: Panorama of Brighton (3 of 3 lithographs sold together)


    Artist: C. Derby

    Engraver: Day & Haghe

    Publisher: Published for the benefit of Sussex County Hosptial. Sold by W.H. Mason (printseller) in Brighton and H. Hering (printseller) in London (9 Newman Street)

    Medium: Lithograph

    Framed size (h x w): 40.3x60.4

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