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Worthing began to develop as a resort in the mid 18th century and was visited by those who wished for a quieter resort than neighbouring Brighton. Its  mild climate, protected to some extent from the wind by the Downs, and its sandy beaches on which a carriage could be driven,  made it an attractive place to convalesce or retire. A visit by George III's youngest daughter,  Princess Amelia in 1796 and later by Princess Charlotte of Wales in 1807 made it fashionable with the aristocracy for a while but by the mid 1820s it was in decline partly due to economic depression but also because  inadequate sanitation and the discharge of sewage into the sea made bathing unpleasant.  The opening of the new water-works and main sewer during the 1850s made a huge difference and visitor numbers rapidly increased again. The number of bathing machines in this lithograph is evidence of the popularity of bathing by this time, the early 1860s. The first pier seen here had just been completed.The reputation of the resort as especially suitable for invalids and as a winter residence and by 1865 the winter season was nearly as important as the summer one. 


This lithograph has been repaired and conserved and is mounted on cotton (museum) rag board. 

Panorama of Worthing Seafront - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1259
  • Image Numbers: 1259

    Title: Worthing

    Date: c.1850

    Lithographer: Kell Brothers Lithographers


    Medium: Lithograph

    Framed size (h x w): 

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