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The following text accompanied the image: 


"A Grecian frock of fine French cambric or jaconot muslin, with correspendent border at the feet, in shaded purple embroidery; Roman back and front of the same. Full long sleeves, with a turned-up cuff of lace: fastened with a bronze stud, set in gold. A Flemish bonnet, of fine plaited or variegated straw, tied under the chin with purple corded ribbon. An ostrich feather, tipped with purple, falling on the left side. A rich habit-shirt, formed of fine India muslin (or net) and lace. A marine scarf, of purple Spanish silk, with rich ends, and border of happily contrasted shades, thrown over the figure in true Grecian elegance. Chinese parasol, of purple silk, with deep white awning. Shoes and gloves of lemon-coloured kid."


The Repository of Arts was an illustrated periodical which focused on art, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics. It was published by Rudolph Ackermann from 1809-1828. The Repository influenced fashion, architecture and literature during the Regency and late Georgian period. It included plates showing paintings, furniture and objects as well as two or more anonymous fashion plates such as the one here per number, sometimes with with one or two figures and occasionally  a piece of fine furniture.


No 9 of Ackermann's Repository of Arts...Published 1st Sept 1809 at 101, Strand London. 

Promenade Dress - Framed Antique Print

SKU: 1113
  • Image Number: 1113
    Title: Promenade Dress
    Publisher: Rudolph Ackermann
    Medium: Aquatint

    Framed size (h x w): 304 x 226mm

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