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This early etching and aquatint shows the Steyne as it was in 1806. It shows Henry Holland's Marine Pavilion, the building which was subsequently incorporated into John Nash's Royal Pavilion. The dome of the riding stables had been completed the year before and can be seen behind the rotunda of the Marine Pavilion. 

The large building to the right is the Castle Inn and Assembly Rooms, the centre of social life in the town at the time. 

The building to the right foreground is Donaldson's Library, one of only two buildings on the east side of the Steyne at the time. It was shortly to be developed. 


The Steyne & Holland's Pavilion, Charles Thomas Cracklow, William Marshall Craig

SKU: 1258
  • Image Number: 1258
    Title: View of the Pavilion and Steyne

    Artist: Charles Thomas Cracklow, William Marshall Craig (c.1765-  c.1834)

    Engraver: James Mitan (1776-1822)

    Aquatinter: Joseph Constantine Stadler (active 1780-1812)

    Publisher: C. Richards, 349 Strand West, London

    Medium: Aquatint & Etching

    Date: 1806
    Price: £800

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